Creative Arts of St Tammany

Building Youth Through Theater Since 2004

Our directors, teachers, volunteers, and staff are dedicated to promoting the best in theater while instilling important values of mutual respect, working in a team, meeting deadlines, and having fun being responsible.
About Us
CAST started when Jennifer and Shawn Patterson decided, in 2004, to put their talents together to build an all year acting program for youth and teens in St Tammany.  The area had a few acting camps and had some good theater going on at local venues as well as the St Tammany schools. 

But the Pattersons wanted a safe program where students could learn acting all year in an after school envirtonment.  Our area needed another option for students besides dance, karate, gymnastics, etc.  Their first space was shared with Judy K studio and soon CAST began developing, using local venues, churches, and arts organizations as studio and performance spaces.

Within it's first year, CAST started an ongoing live shows program where students  performed 3-4 full theatrical productions per year.   In it's third year, CAST averaged up to 18 live shows per year, between class showcases, camp shows, voice student programs, and full theatrical shows. 

CAST developed a homeschool theater program that grew quickly.  It started as a simple Friday, once a month class, where any students who showed up could learn theater.  It developed to a year round weekly program that performs full theatrical musicals and plays multiple times per year.  Our homeschool program quickly grew to becoming one of the most important parts of our parent and actor community.

CAST started it's CAST Member program where students could attend classes and have access to special benefits for them and their families to attend shows, workshops, and camps.  From then on CAST actors became "CAST Members." 

CAST Members, parents, and volunteers have made CAST what it is today.  It has become a community where students feel emotionally and physically safe, parents feel free to interact with each other and families interact in a very natural way.  The community of parents and students has evolved CAST into a special place where students feel at home.

The talented students of CAST have presented over 150 theatrical performances to the public of St Tammany Parish through camp shows, class showcases, variety shows, musicals, concerts, and plays. 

CAST has multiple programs and events all year:
  • weekly after school classes for Youth (ages 7-11) and Teens (ages 12-17)
  • on demand classes for Bitty Actors (ages 5-6)
  • Camps for ages 5-6 and ages 7-14 at Easter, Summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
  • live performances for the public almost every month
  • teen and tween socials open to the public
  • tea parties and special events for children
  • special workshops in cooperation with other organizations and individuals.  Past workshops have included: audition techniques, acting for film, stage combat and historical fencing, comic improv, puppeteering, and music writing
  • outreach programs for nursing homes, childrens homes, and others
  • free public events at local festivals including the Abita Water Festival, 3 Rivers Art Festival, Festival of Lights, and others