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Creative Arts of St Tammany is dedicated to raising the level of performing arts in St Tammany and the entire southeast Louisiana region.  CAST has the further purpose of developing youth through theater.  Our acting programs are fun, safe, effective, direct, and teach responsibility.  We build actors, not egos.  We offer critique, not criticism.  We applaud skill development, not personality.  Since 2004, Creative Arts of St Tammany has been a premier acting school, a comfortable home for young actors, and a place where youth and teens can grow in a safe, respectful environment.
Students Come First
If you are interested in registering your child for CAST classes or camps, we have convenient online forms on our camps and classes pages. You may also contact us at (985) 276-9727 with any questions.
  1. Acting Skills
    The CAST program starts students with the fundamentals of projection, expression, improvisation articulation, body control, theatrical terminology and directions and progresses to advanced skills and interpretive abilities.
  2. Life Skills
    Acting training with CAST has the side benefit of also developing important life skills. The most obvious are communication and public speaking skills, but others are setting and achieving goals, having fun meeting deadlines, quickly adapting to change, and many more
  3. Character
    Acting with CAST not only develops character for plays, but also develops character for life. Actors learn responsibility, respect of others, a sense of their part in a team, self-respect, and self-discipline
Raising the level of performing arts. 
Developing youth through theater.

Since 2004